Training des Tages

Dienstag 13 August 2019 / Kategorie WOD / Geschrieben von Crossfit Goch


Oblique opener Variation for 5 minutes

2 Sets :
120m SB Carry
60m SB Carry on Shoulder
60m SB Carry on Shoulder
60m SB Front Rack
*with the same SB

3 Sets: all Seated
10 Side Raises
10 Rear Delts
10 Arnold Press/ KB Hold each Side

SB Press Heavy

3 Sets:
DB Triceps Kicks
into Triceps Push down


Shoulder Burner

3 Sets:
Light Rope Pulls
Into SB OH Hold

3 Muscle Snatch
6 Lateral Box Jumps

Every 90 sec for 12 minutes of
1 Power Snatch
2 Hang Power Snatch
*build up in weight each set