Training des Tages / Team WOD

Freitag 4 Januar 2019 / Kategorie WOD / Geschrieben von Crossfit Goch

Structure Class

2 rounds:
100 m KB pec Stick Carry
1 min Plank
:30/:30 sec Side Plank
100 m SB Front Rack Carry

With a Partner 3 Sets of:
:30/:45/:60 sec
DB Bench Press Hold (isometric Hold)
Into IT Lat Pull Downs (Focus on the eccentric)

3-4 Sets:
1 arm Sled Drag
Rope pulls (Go up in weight)
into max SB Floor Press

Max Farmes Carry as far as possible, then bring it back!!!


Team Wod

400 m Partner Farmers Carry

Row 3 km as fast as possible with your partner

EMOM x 5

5 Yates Rows

5 Biceps Curls


23 min AMRAP

12 alt. Sandbag Clean & Jerk

12 alt. Burpee Box Jumps

24 sync. Reverse Lunges